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The Devon Educational Trust offers help to Devon's young people

A charity helping young people in Devon

   Do you need financial help with...

...if so we may be able to help you   


                             We can help with Books, Laptops, Expeditions, Travel costs

          Do you have SCHOOL AGED CHILDREN?
                                       We can help with One-to-one tuition, School trips

                    Are you involved in SPORTS, ACTIVITIES & ARTS?
                                                    We can help with Kit, Equipment, Music, Dance & Drama lessons, travel costs
                              Are you involved with CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS?
                                                                    We can help with the cost of medical, emotional and learning issues 
                                          Are you GETTING INTO WORK?
                                                                                We can help with buying special clothing, equipment, tools, travel costs
Have a look at our Criteria Page to see if you qualify for help  Criteria