Devon Educational Trust

A charity that provides financial support for young people in Devon

Criteria for Application

Applications will not be accepted from persons who will have reached the age of 25 years when their application is considered.
Applicants must live in Devon on a permanent basis for at least twelve months. Temporary residence whilst at University does not qualify.

Higher Degree Courses – Assistance for those embarking on a second or higher degree (MA, MSc, MPhil etc) course is only granted in very exceptional circumstances. No assistance is available for the payment of fees. Applicants are required to include proof that they have already raised the majority of funds required when submitting their application.

School and/or Boarding Fees – Only in exceptional cases can the Trustees consider making a contribution to school or boarding fees. The Trustees are prepared, however, to accept applications for assistance towards the purchase of school uniforms, travel etc. providing that proof is shown that the school fees/boarding fees have been raised before the application is made.

Average grants awarded to individuals are between £150 and £500.
We are happy to receive applications from charities for project costs which will improve the lives of young people.

Grants are made by way of a contribution to:

Those who are in need of financial assistance for the payment of outfit allowance, fees or travelling or maintenance expenses for approved projects, or when preparing for or entering upon a profession, trade, occupation or service to enable them to earn a living

The relief and education of those who are emotionally disturbed, ill, neglected or otherwise in need of care or for benefit of voluntary homes or special schools

Those who are in need of assistance with their education (including social and physical training)

Assistance with the study of art, music, literature, drama and dance

Assistance to any voluntary charitable organisation for the promotion of education or improvement in conditions of life

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