Devon Educational Trust

A charity that provides financial support for young people in Devon


The Trustees have a wealth of experience in many aspects of educating people from birth right through to education at colleges and universities. They endeavour to help young people with all aspects of education, including social and mental. They also ensure that the grants are awarded to people who comply with our charitable purposes.

Robin Wakinshaw

He is Principal Consultant of ‘Associates for Community Education’ and president of ‘Voluntary Organisations for Young People and Children’. For many years he served as a Senior Education Adviser for Devon County Council and as an OFSTED Schools Inspector.

Pamela Freemen

Our representative from University of Exeter

Honorary University Fellow of the Graduate School of Education representing the University of Exeter. She has taught, researched and advocated for young people at differing levels and in various capacities, as well as also training professional social workers. Hence, she is passionate about providing educational and other opportunities for young people in order to improve their life chances and a sense of achievement, equality and well being.

Judith Cook

Matthew Wharf

Keith Turner

Sara Randall Johnson

Our representatives from Devon County Council

Ron Peart

Our representatives from Devon County Council

Two trustees are nominated by Devon County Council and one by the University of Exeter.
All other trustees are co-opted.

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